WNDR Alpine Intention 110

WNDR Alpine Intention 110

As the lead guide for Arctos Guides, I skied the WNDR Alpine Intention 110 all season—pretty close to 120 days. The 192cm reverse camber skis have been my go to powder rig. They love to go fast and charge hard. It’s ski that is meant to be skied. They’re playful and turn easily, but they will kick you in the pants if you let your guard down in variable conditions. I found they like tip pressure and a skier that weights the front of the boots. That’s the beauty of a reverse cambered ski, you can drive them in deep powder and your tips won’t dive.

WNDR Alpine Intention 110, backcountry ski

Intention 110 in its element.

Intention 110

Later in the season, I rode the 185cm cambered skis. They rock! I haven’t skied a cambered ski in a while, but I’ve been pleasantly impressed with how well these skis float in powder and roll through variable conditions. These boards are super playful, yet highly responsive to input. I dig the profile; the tip rocker gives them plenty of float and works well with the semi pinned tail. I skied them in variable conditions, from refrozen hot pow to knee deep blower, groomers and moguled trees. I am really impressed their versatility. They hold an edge in firm steep snow and are stable at high speeds and big turns. They’re going to be an awesome spring ski. Nice and light, but solid at the same time. Well done!

WNDR Alpine Intention 110

Plenty of power

I can’t say enough of how well WNDR built these skis. Not only is it refreshing to see a company take the sustainable step, by choosing to work with algal composites in lieu of fossil based hydrocarbons, but it is also fantastic to see that it works. I use my gear, hard at times, breaking trail, stomping on a cornice, bushwhacking, sometimes I’ll drill a rock. These skis rose to the challenge and took the abuse. The bases seem to be super durable and resist rock hits better than a lot of skis I have ridden. I also feel they have maintained their pop over the season; they could easily be a 250+ day ski.