Slocan Valley Rail Trail

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Riding gravel bikes along the Slocan Valley Rail Trail as it meanders gently through one of the region’s most picturesque river valleys is a fantastic way to explore the Slocan. Spanning an impressive 50 kilometers, this scenic trail offers unparalleled access to breathtaking landscapes, following the tranquil curves of the Slocan River from Slocan Lake to the Kootenay River.

For cyclists looking for longer rides, the Perry’s Backroad on the westside of the river or the Little Slocan Valley present an inviting opportunities for an additional loops, perfect for gravel biking aficionados looking to extend their adventure.

Immerse yourself in the natural splendor of the Slocan Valley as you explore the trail. Take a refreshing dip in one of the river’s many swimming holes. Keep an eye out for ospreys and eagles gracefully diving for fish.  As you ride south from Slocan Village, keep an ey out for the Sinixt Pithouses.

The volunteers maintain and operate the trail, if you’d like to learn more about it our make a donation, you can do so here: Slocan Valley Rail Trail.slogan valley rail trail, gravel rides, cycling

Gravel Biking in the Slocan Valley

From our base in Slocan, Arctos Guides offers supported bike trips.  There are numerous gravel rides accessible out the backdoor.

Unforgettable gravel biking adventures await in the Slocan Valley of British Columbia, where rugged terrain meets breathtaking scenery. With its network of gravel roads winding through lush forests and along pristine rivers, the Slocan Valley offers endless opportunities for gravel riders to explore.

As you pedal along the extensive gravel road network, you’ll be treated to stunning vistas of the Valhalla and Kokanee ranges, mountain lakes, and meandering rivers. The Slocan Valley’s diverse landscapes provide a perfect backdrop for gravel biking, whether you’re seeking a leisurely ride along the Slocan Rail trail  or a more challenging backcountry gravel adventure.

One of the highlights of gravel biking in the Slocan Valley is the opportunity to discover hidden gems and remote destinations that are off the beaten path. Explore charming rural communities, discover hidden waterfalls, and soak in the tranquility of the surrounding wilderness.

For gravel enthusiasts keen to climb, the Slocan Valley’s offers a plethora of gravel routes, with climbs in excess of 1200m.  If you ride from our farmstay and campsites, you can embark on an incredible backcountry gravel adventure that starts with a 1500m climb and brings you onto the Lemmon Creek gravel loop.

With its unparalleled scenery, diverse terrain, and sense of adventure, gravel biking in the Slocan Valley promises an experience like no other. So grab your bike, pack your sense of exploration, and get ready to discover the wonders of this hidden gem in British Columbia’s Kootenay region.

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Where to eat on the Slocan Valley Rail Trail

If you’re starting from Slocan Village, Nico’s Bliss Cafe serves great coffee and pastries.  If you’re finishing your ride in Slocan Village, go for a dip in the lake at the Slocan Beach and enjoy a meal at the Slocan City Hotel.

If you’re looking for a mid ride lunch, Sleep is for Sissies or Mama Sitas are fun spots to stop and experience the eclectic vibe of the unincorporated village of Winlaw.slogan valley rail trail, gravel biking, cycling, kootenays

Longer Gravel Biking Routes in the Slocan Valley

If you’re interested in exploring longer gravel rides in the Kootenays, there are options for long single day rides to multi-day tours.  Some of the rides we’d recommend are:

Bike Shops in the Area

Sacred Ride

Gerick Cycle and Ski