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Lemon Creek Gravel Ride

The Lemon Creek Gravel ride is an excellent circuit that you can do from our lakeside accommodations in Slocan. The variation discussed in this blog will take you past the Six Mile Lakes, down to Nelson, along the Kootenay River and back up the Little Slocan Valley. It’s an awesome day of riding with plenty of places to stop and grab a bite to eat or jump in the water to cool off.

Lemon Creek Gravel Ride

Lemmon creek gravel ride, Nelson gravel

There are a couple of ways to get to Lemon Creek from Slocan, the rail trail or the highway. Once you get to Lemon Creek it’s a steady grind up and over the pass to Six Mile. The road is in great shape and is cruise gravel.

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Lemmon creek gravel ride, kootenay gravel
Kootenay Lake

The best way to get from Nelson back to the Slocan Valley is along Granite Rd and then across the dam. This will keep you on quiet roads and off the highway for the most part. Once you get to Crescent Junction, you can get on the rail trail and off the pavement. At Passmore you’ll want to head into the Little Slocan Valley if you’re looking for more riding.

There are a number of variations that can be done on this ride.  Heading up Sproule Creek adds more climbing and great views.  The Slocan Rail Trail is a nice mellow way to come back to Slocan with plenty of swim stops.  Heading up Springer Creek and into Crusader Creek adds another climb and links into the Six Mile Lakes—this is perhaps a more adventurous way to do the ride.  Have a look at our magazine for more gravel ride descriptions.

Lemon Creek Gravel ride, gravel bike
Little Slocan Lake

Arctos Guides offers supported gravel rides and cabin rentals for small groups supported gravel rides and cabin rentals for small groups at our base in Slocan, BC.

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