WNDR Alpine Intention 108 Review

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I’ve been skiing the Intention 108 188cm reverse camber for the past ten days or so and I’ve been really impressed so far. It’s light enough for long tours, yet skis like a real ski.

Built to ride.

Damp, playful and energetic are words that come to mind. I’ve mainly been skiing it in powder 30-50cm ski penetration and in variable terrain from glades to open alpine and a bit of pillow popping. I enjoy it’s agility in tight spaces and also it’s stability under speed. I am pretty sure I’ll spend the majority of my season on these skis.

Great graphics. Read more about it here.

I skied a number of seasons on the Intention 110 191cm and 185 cm reverse cambers and really enjoyed them too. However I feel the 108 may be my new favourite. I’ve only skied on piste for one run, but it rode well, held an edge nicely and liked super g turns.

I feel the Intention 108 hits the mark as the one quiver ski. It’s phat enough to shred deep pow, yet light and skinny enough for big days in the alpine. As I mentioned before, this will be my go to ski for the majority of the season.

Bio Technology

Algal Wall is a biobased cast polyurethane sidewall that protects the Algal Core and delivers better damping than a traditional, petroleum based ABS sidewall. Unlike traditional manufacturing techniques, we use a channel in the outside of the core as a mold for pouring in the liquid sidewall material. This creates a virtually seamless and unbreakable bond with the aspen as the sidewall hardens, increasing the overall structural integrity of the snowboard. This novel manufacturing technique diverts plastic waste from the landfill compared to traditional use of extruded plastic sidewalls. Polyurethane biobased carbon content ~68% by ASTM D6866-18 Method B.

Spiral Plate

Spiral Plate recycled binding insert outperforms our traditional maple inserts in pullout strength testing conducted in house, resulting in better binding screw retention and enabling a more even flexing ski. SpiralMade™ materials are made from production waste at our Design Lab in Salt Lake City and reused in new products to boost performance.