Spearhead Traverse

The Spearhead Traverse is one of the classic tours in the Southern Coast Range.  The ~35km horseshoe shaped ski traverse through the Spearhead and Fitzsimmons ranges in British Columbia, Canada.

Typically the route is travelled from Blackcomb to Whistler while crossing 13 glaciers and 11 passes, over the course of 1 to 4 days.

While the Spearhead can be done in one long day, we find it to be more enjoyable to do it over the course of several days.  This way folks can soak up the incredible scenery and tag a number of the classic summits and descents along the way.

While there is cell service along the majority of the route, it still has a wild and remote feel.  It’s big glaciated terrain and has numerous cruxes along the way.  Don’t underestimate this traverse.  Make sure you have a whiteout navigation plan and all the appropriate gear before you embark on this journey!

Each spring we enjoy a lap or two on the Spearhead.  If you’re considering a guided trip, drop us a line and let us show you some of our favourite descents along the way.

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