Silvercup Ridge Mountain Bike Ride

Silvercup Ridge Mountain Bike RideSilvercup Ridge Mountain Bike Ride


I just rode this route in a different direction and found it to be quite enjoyable as well.  We parked just east of the town of Trout Lake and rode up the American Creek FSR.  We followed the ridge NW and descended the Silvercup Ridge trail.  Both variations are exceptional adventure riding, however the route previously described offer more single track descending and less hiking.

Perfect Gravel

Silvercup Ridge Mountain Bike Ride: It was a perfect day for a long ride, so I headed up to Trout Lake, BC at 430am to go ride the Silvercup Ridge trail. The 26km ridge ride can be turned into an incredible loop if you start on Highway 31. When I ride it next time, I’ll park in Trout Lake and start the ride from there, Highway 31’s gravel is too good to pass up!  We offer accommodations and supported rides.

 An overnight thunder shower made for tacky gravel and trail conditions.

Silvercup Ridge Mountain Bike Ride

Trailside attraction

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A bit of windfall

I rode from the NW to the SE, which seems to provide the best flow. The Forest Service Road turns into a bit of an alder tunnel after a couple of kilometres and then transitions into an awesome stretch of off camber single track. There are a few downed trees you’ll have to manage.


Silvercup Ridge Mountain Bike Ride

Into the Alpine!

Endless Alpine Single track

Mid-Ride Swim

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A view of the Badshot Range

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26 km of Alpine Riding

The nature of the of the ride is epic views, panoramas, alpine cruising and some hefty hike-a-bikes up old pack horse trails and moto tracks. this is a multi-use trail, so yield to hikers and horses and don’t be surprised to see quads and dirt bikes.

Silvercup Ridge Mountain Bike Ride

Definitely some hike-a-biking included in this ride.

Silvercup Ridge Mountain Bike Ride

Top of the final descent

I am not one for selfies, but I figured you might be getting sick of landscape shots. More hike-a-biking. The gravel grind back to the vehicle along Trout Lake is so good. All in all, it makes for a solid day of riding, my GPS a made a slight error, I figure it was about 3700m of vertical and 71 KM round trip. You could do it in a couple of days if you wanted, there are some wicked campsites along the way. Personally I preferred riding it with a light pack so I could enjoy the ups and downs a bit more than I would have with camping gear.