Seek Outside Redcliff Hot Tent Review

We’ve been using the Seek Outside Redcliff hot tent as our hangout/ cooking tent for our small group basecamp trips.  We’ve been impressed with its utility and packability.  Weighing in at just under ten pounds, conceivably, a group could easily pack this tent and stove combo into the backcountry for a multi-day trip.  If you are camping below treeline, the stove will quickly economize it’s weight in fuel, as you won’t have to carry as much white gas for cooking.

The tent is supported by one pole and tent stakes, which work better when placed horizontally in the snow (much like a t-slot).  The floorless design makes for ample head room when you shovel down a meter to a meter and a half.  Benches/ beds can be shovelled out too to create a cozy living space.

There is a means of attaching a cord to the top part of the tent to create a drying loft for gear.  The stove heats the space quite easily and creates a comfortable hangout space for the evenings. Cooking on the stove works quite well, or you can use the stove to melt snow or boil water.  By doing so, you can drastically reduce your fossil fuel consumption.  The large stove can easily accommodate 5cm diameter logs or can burn dead branches.  Make sure you use the spark arrestor that is included in the stove package, as the sill material of the tent is susceptible to burns from flying embers.

The tent can easily be set up with just the pole and the stakes, but if there is inclement weather or high winds, using guy cords is a good idea.

If you’re looking for a packable, lightweight floorless hot tent, this is a great setup.  It’s made in Colorado and spare parts are readily available should you need something.