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Perley Rock Ski Tour

Perley Rock Ski Tour

Perley Rock Ski Tour is a Rogers Pass classic. It yields quality fall line skiing, aesthetic position and big alpine terrain.  We ski it regularly on our Golden Backcountry Ski Camps



Perley Rock Ski Tour


Ski touring and splitboarding in the Illecillewaet


drainage provides great views of Sir Donald, one of the highest peaks in Rogers Pass. The NW ridge of Sir Donald is a classic 5.4 alpine route. The Illecillewaet glacier and Névé are broken and crevassed, be sure to bring your appropriate glacier travel gear if you decide to explore them.


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To get to Perley Rock it’s 1200m and 15-16km round trip. The route travels through complex and challenging avalanche terrain, so make sure you have the skill or hire a guide to do this tour.


Perley Rock Ski Tour, backcountry ski rogers pass


For more information on avalanche conditions in, check out the avalanche forecast here: Rogers Pass


Don’t forget to read about the Winter Permit System


Perley Rock Ski Tour, splitboarding