Canadian Rockies Basecamp

In early March, we set up a Canadian Rockies Backcountry Basecamp.

During a period of good stability, we eased over to a quiet part of the Rockies to get explore some inviting ski terrain.  A Canadian Rockies Backcountry Basecamp is part of our Ski Traverse and Basecamp Program

Canadian Rockies Backcountry Basecamp

After a great day of skiing and splitboarding, we set up camp in the valley bottom near a glacier fed creek.

Canadian Rockies Backcountry Basecamp

Basecamping with a hot tent is quite enjoyable. While we cooked dinner by the wood stove, our gear dried out next to the chimney.

winter camping, hot tent

It’s been a deep winter in the Rockies and it continued to snow on our trip. We were able to spend some time in the alpine, but riding this 2000’+ (600m) run was exceptional skiing and splitboarding.

backcountry skiing canada
Canadian Rockies Backcountry Basecamp

Our small group backcountry basecamp program allows us to explore quiet, remote zones and yields an untracked experience.

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