Blue Ice Stache 90l Pack Review

Due to catastrophic delamination , I had to retire my expedition pack. I didn’t want to spend $500+ on a pack so I settled on the Blue Ice Stache 90l pack. It’s price point was acceptable and it’s weight to size ratio was intriguing.

Loaded up for a five day trip.

Here’s my Blue Ice Stache 90l Pack Review. It’s an ultra light 90l pack that compresses down to a reasonable daypack. This is nice for trip where you may do a big gear haul to a basecamp and ski or climb from there.

If you are looking for a robust internal frame pack with lots of pockets and features, this is not the pack for you. It is about as minimal as a pack can get. I found I had to pack my load carefully in order to not feel protrusions through the internal frame. However that was achievable and I felt the pack carried a load quite well. The padding on the shoulder and hip belt is minimal, but sufficient.

The sternum strap stayed in place and as did the shoulder and hip belt straps. The two drawstring closures on the top of the pack helped with its adjustability for variously sized loads. I preferred to remove the top lid pouch and use it for storing small items such as sunblock and toiletries.

If you’re considering using this pack as a ski pack, the down side is that it doesn’t have dedicated avalanche safety gear storage or access; thus it requires diligent packing to maintain access to those tools.

My final thoughts on this pack are that it is a nice pack, albeit on the ultra-lightweight category. I question it’s durability. The fabric is thin and the construction is minimal. The quality of the construction is good; however in my opinion, this pack would get pretty beat up if it were getting brushed up against rocks on an alpine route, or having skis mounted on it for extended periods of time. This is a pack for someone who is looking to go as light as possible and doesn’t care about having to replace the pack in the near future. If you’re look for a pack that will last you for ten years of trips, I’d go with a different pack.