Basecamp in the Bugaboos

Pow turns on the Vowell Glacier

A basecamp in the Bugaboos is one of the ultimate ski touring experiences in Southern British Columbia. Steep granite spires jut out of snow blanketed cascading glaciers—a skiers paradise. Long runs and spectacular circuits can be found all over the Bugaboos.

Splitboarding below Marmolada.

In the summer, the Bugaboos are a bustling place, as they are a world class alpine climbing destination. However in the spring, groups can get to experience the Bugaboos in relative solitude. Travelling by ski or splitboard allows us to cover much more territory than one could achieve by foot—by the end of the week, you’ll feel like you’ve explored every last nook and cranny of the Bugaboos.

Ascending the Anniversary Glacier.

Our ski basecamp program is a small group program, groups of four clients and one guide will sample the incredible terrain the Bugaboos have to offer. We like going there in late April as the days are long and the Purcell snowpack has had a chance to settle out.

Bugaboos ski mountaineering Basecamp
Skiing the Anniversary Couloir

There is a wide variety of terrain in the Bugaboos and ample amounts of circuits to do. A basecamp in the Bugaboos is the perfect way to explore them. After establishing a camp, we will get to tour with light day packs which will allow us to travel far and wide. Clients will sleep in double occupancy tents and have access to a communal heated dome tent for drying their gear at night. Catered meals and experienced ACMG guides will make for an excellent adventure in the Bugaboos.

This is a fly-in basecamp, please see the gear list below:

• Shovel

• Probe

• Transceiver (3-antenna)

• Ski touring skis or splitboard

• Skins

• Personal repair kit specific to your equipment

• Ski touring boots/snowboarding boots

• Ski poles

• Headlamp

• Goggles

• Sunglasses

• Personal first aid supplies

• Toque

• Minimum 1L water bottle or Thermos

• Gore-tex (or equivalent) jacket

• Gore-tex (or equivalent) pants

• Puffy jacket

• Warm layers for upper and lower body adequate for below freezing temperatures and wind

• Thick gloves

• Spare gloves

• Lightweight harness (if possible otherwise climbing harness will work)

• 3 locking carabiners

• 4 non-locking carabiners

• 240cm sewn sling (or 5m of webbing)

• 5m x 6mm accessory cord

• Personal prussik

• Micro-traxion (optional)

• Tibloc (optional)

• Ice screw (between 12-22cm)

• 40L backpack

• Ice Axe

• Ski crampons

• Lightweight crampons

• Puffy pants (recommended for around camp)

• Warm layers for upper and lower body

• Socks x 2-3

• Spare underwear

• Sleeping Bag (at least -18 degrees)

• Inflatable sleeping pad

• Foam sleeping pad

• Inflatable sleeping pad

• Down/synthetic booties for wearing around camp

• Fork/spoon

• Large bowl

• Drinking mug with lid

• Toiletries

• 4-season tent (rentals available)

• Cloth grocery bags (or stuff sacks) to anchor tent in snow

• Guy lines for tent

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Looking forward to skiing with you!

Anniversary Couloir