Backcountry Lodge Trip Packing List

Backcountry Lodge Trip Packing List

Backcountry Lodge Trip Packing List

backcountry lodge trips

Looking for a Backcountry Lodge Trip Packing List?

When you pack for a backcountry lodge trip, pack light; we’ve provided a Backcountry Lodge Trip Packing List below. Most backcountry lodges are accessed by helicopters and have size and weight limits for your gear.  If you’re going for a week, you should be able to fit all your gear in a small duffel and your day pack.  Consider this, you’ll be wearing your ski gear all day and when you get back to the lodge you’ll need some comfortable lodge wear.  Slippers are a nice accoutrement, as some lodges have cold floors.  Generally speaking, it’s not a fashion show in the morning and evening, so pick out a comfortable outfit or two and call it good—you’re at a backcountry lodge, don’t sweat it.

Backcountry Lodge Trip Packing List

Backcountry Ski Gear

Try and bring gear you’ve used.  A backcountry lodge week is not when you want to break in those new boots.  You’ll be doing big days for a week, the last thing you want is blisters.  Pay attention to the packing list, if you’re going to a lodge with glaciated terrain or spring conditions, make sure you bring your glacier travel kit, perhaps an ice tool and ski/boot crampons.

In terms of a backcountry ski kit, here’s what we recommend

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Backcountry Lodge Trip Packing List

Personal Hygiene

Most lodges have a sauna—hit it, you’ll feel great!  Pack a small towel, a sauna suit, your daily personal hygiene kit and soap.  Sunblock, lip balm, some blister care, ear plugs, cold medication are all crucial parts of you personal care kit.

The Extras

If you’re into a cold beer or a glass of wine after skiing, make sure you bring your favourite beverage.  If you have particular snacks, supplements or drinks/teas, toss a few of them into your kit.

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Backcountry Lodge Trip Packing ListBackcountry Lodge Trip Packing List

  • Shovel
  • Probe
  • Transceiver (3-antenna)
  • Ski Touring Skis or Splitboard
  • Skins
  • Ski touring boots/snowboarding boots
  • Ski poles
  • Headlamp
  • Goggles
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal first aid supplies
  • Toque
  • Minimum 1L water bottle or Thermos
  • Gore-tex (or equivalent) jacket
  • Gore-tex (or equivalent) pants
  • Puffy jacket
  • Warm layers for upper and lower body— adequate for below freezing temperatures and wind
  • Thick gloves
  • Spare gloves
  • 40L backpack
  • Harness
  • Locking carabiner
  • Harness and carabiners are required for glacier travel.
  • Light Ice Axe
  • Ski crampons 
  • Comfortable lodge clothes
  • Please pack light as space is limited in the helicopter.

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Get stoked, you’re about to immerse yourself in an extended powder riding experience!

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