ATK Trofeo Binding Maintenance

ATK Trofeo Heel Piece

Occasionally, the ATK Trofeo bindings require maintenance. If you notice the heel pieces are becoming harder to rotate, it’s time to service them. The service procedure is quite simple. The more frequent and less complicated service cycle is to clean and grease the heal rotation groove. You’ll notice in this photo, it is covered and volcanic pumice and is in dire need of service.

Loosening the binding mounting screws

If you feel you need to do the more involved service, start by marking where your heel piece sit on the adjustment plate. You can do this with a marker or a box knife. Then remove the mounting screws.

Dirty heel piece removed. Note the pumice in the rotation grove.

Once you remove the heel piece start by cleaning the exterior and the vertical chase on the heel tower.

Note the torx screw that fastens the heel piece to the tower.

Loosen the torx screw in the tower, while carefully holding the two pieces together. There is a tiny spring-loaded ball bearing and cup in there.

Heel tower and heel piece, note ball bearing and cup in heel piece.

Once you get them apart, clean the heel tower and carefully disassemble the spring-loaded ball bearing.

A q-tip works well to clean the groove.
Pumice, the culprit of my binding’s lack of rotation.

Once the spring assembly is taken out, wipe it down and clean the heal piece.

Heel piece and spring.
Binding cleaned, greased and ready to reassemble.

ATK provides a grease for their bindings, it’s probably best to use that grease. However I didn’t have any on hand so I used a light automotive grease instead. The screw that holds the heel piece to the heel tower requires a dab of red loc-tite.

Once the binding is reassembled, check it to see how it rotates and wipe off any excess grease.