Slocan Valley Backcountry Skiing

Slocan Valley Backcountry Skiing

Slocan Valley Backcountry Skiing

Slocan Valley backcountry skiing is relatively unknown, but not for a lack of vertical or terrain.  For folks who are looking for guided backcountry adventure away from the crowds, it has a lot to offer.

With the Kokanee Range to the East and the Valhallas to the West and the Goat Range on the North end of the Valley, there are endless possibilities for powder, alpine, day trips or multi-day adventures.Slocan Valley Backcountry Skiing

Access is what keeps the masses at bay, oftentimes we use snowmobiles to access the goods.  We have a variety of options for day trips, that combine the excitement of a true backcountry experience and a reasonably achievable affair.

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There are also numerous lodging options within the valley.

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New Denver is a quaint little town and is close to a number of backcountry venues we use regularly.  We also offer an off grid cabin experience at our property in Slocan for folks who are looking for a more rustic lodging experience.  A wood fired sauna will soothe tired muscles and get you stoked for the next day’s adventure.