Lilly-Dome Traverse Ski Tour

Lilly-Dome Traverse Ski Tour

The Lilly-Dome Traverse Ski Tour is a classic Rogers Pass ski tour.  Ski touring up the Lilly Glacier, bootpacking up the Dome Notch and skiing the Dome Glacier makes for a great day of backcountry skiing in Rogers Pass. Check out our Golden Backcountry Ski Camps

Lilly-Dome Traverse Ski Tour, rogers Pass
Approaching the Dome Notch, Rogers Pass

This tour is best done from the Loop Brook parking lot, as the descent down the Dome Glacier is the one you want.

Lilly-Dome Traverse Ski Tour, rogers pass skiing
The Lilly Glacier can be a cold place in January. Rogers Pass
Top of the Lilly Glacier, Rogers Pass
Climbing up to the Dome Col, Rogers Pass

This ski tour is approximately 1400m of vertical and 14km round trip if you shuttle a vehicle. However, carpooling and hoofing it back to the Loop Brook parking is the sustainable choice and will tack two and a half km on to the trip.

Skiing down the Dome Glacier, Rogers Pass

This tour travels through complex, glaciated avalanche terrain and is a great ski/ Splitboard mountaineering objective.

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