Curated Backcountry Beta

Curated backcountry beta, coming this fall.  We’re developing a digital backcountry adventure download page that will let you select choice KML/Z files to help you explore the West Kootenays, BC and beyond.  

These files are designed to help you maximize your adventures.  Each file will have a short description of the respective zone and either a map with tracks or labeled runs.

These files will be available for download at a reasonable price, $5 including tax for basic files and $10 including tax for premium files.  Generally speaking, the most conservative lines will be shown and the more advanced/adventurous ski lines will be left up to you.  However, these files will get you to where you want to go and set you up for a great day in the mountains.

If this sounds like something for you, sign up below and get a free copy of an epic mountain bike ride on Idaho Peak.

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