Do you want to expand your skill set?  We offer a number of different courses that will help you go farther in a safer fashion.  We offer courses on set dates, but are also willing to cater to private groups seeking to expand their skill set.  If you have a group of friends or want to learn something in particular, please contact us and we’ll be happy to create a custom learning experience for you!

License to Shred

Jupiter Traverse, Rogers Pass, BC

November 2018-March 2019 $840/ six days, max 6:1 ratio

Over the course of six days we will cover navigation, crevasse rescue, companion rescue/ advanced transceiver search methods, rope skills, terrain management and steep ski techniques.  This is a specialized course for people who want to gain knowledge and progress over the course of a season.  Three, two day modules will take place in various locations (TBD), allowing you to learn something new, incorporate it into your routine and apply it over the duration of a winter.

Mapping and Navigation  

October 20, 2018

$125 per person; four participant minimum

Route Planning, Whistler, Coast Range, BC

Learn how to navigate using maps, compasses, GPS, mapping apps and good old dead reckoning.  This is classroom and field based course where we will cover old and new school ways to navigate and develop backcountry route plans.

Advanced Travel in Avalanche Terrain

November 12,18, 2018

 $300 per person, four person minimum

Anniversary Glacier, Bugaboos, BC

This course focuses on decision making, terrain assessment and snowpack analysis. Participants will begin to shift from a rules based decision making paradigm to a principle based model.  Participants should have a good level of backcountry experience and understanding of the avalanche phenomenon and a strong desire to expand their level of understanding.  We will focus on travelling through avalanche terrain and making decisions around route selection and snowpack analysis.  These will be two full field days where participants will get hands on experience with track setting, understanding snowpack structure and risk management.

Crevasse Rescue

October 13, 2018

$125/ per person, four people minimum


Do you want to learn how to travel safely in glaciated terrain.  Come learn with us.  This is a dry land course that will focus on the principles of companion rescue and roped travel in glaciated terrain.  Participants will be capable of building 3:1 haul systems and setting up rope teams for glaciated travel.