Epic mountain biking on the Seven Summits

Single track for days.

You may heard of epic mountain biking on the Seven Summits, a classic Kootenay mountain bike adventure. Rossland, BC, home to Red Mountain Resort and an amazing mountain bike trail network is also home to the Seven Summits trail.

I’d heard the Kootenay Columbia Trails Society (KCTS) trail crew had just finished working on the Seven Summits and it was in primo condition.

A lap of the Rossland Range

The actual Seven Summits trail starts at Nancy Green Pass, north of Rossland and finishes 36 kilometres later, just north of the US/CA border near Patterson, BC. The black rated trail is a masterpiece hybrid of reworked packhorse trails and sinuous single track. In 2004 the Kootenay Columbia Trails Society complete it.


The trail winds it’s way along the crest of the Rossland Range gaining over a thousand metres along the way.

View from the top of the first climb

The ride can be done in a couple of ways, organize a shuttle or commit to a full day of biking and ride the full lap. I’d recommend the latter. Starting from Rossland it is possible to ride the majority of the 72km and 2500m elevation gain on single track and double track. There are enjoyable short sections of highway on both ends of the trail. The second to last climb, Dukhobor’s Draw, is a real grind at the end of the day.

Alpine Cruising

If you decide to do the full lap make sure you bring plenty of water or some means of water purification. There are a few places where you can fill up on your way to the start of the Seven Summits Trail. However once you cross a small creek at the beginning of the trail, that’s it for water sources until you get back to Rossland. There’s also limited cell service along the ridge, so don’t count on your cell phone as your primary communication device.

So good

The loop makes for incredibly varied day of riding, from flowy downhills (like the Dewdney trail, to tech cross country sections and steep climbs. Usually, the trail is free of snow by early to mid-July, so you have plenty of time to build up some base miles before saddling up for this mini-epic.

The data

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